Monday, January 3, 2011

Time to Explore

It's no secret that 2010 was a particularly difficult year for me...a Lupus diagnosis, my husband's stroke and the usual garden variety challenges that go with aging parents and a down economy.  With every challenge that had to be met, it seemed as if my art slipped further and further away.  It wasn't just the time issues, as in no time to play, or the energy issues, although that was a big part of it.  It was also about inspiration and desire.

I'm working on the time and energy part with a better diet and exercise regimen, and organizing my day to minimize the "running around like a chicken with its head cut off" episodes.  These things I can do with a little discipline and the word "No" coming back into my vocabulary.  LOL!  You know, the "everyone is more important than me" syndrome. It seems we all suffer from it from time to time, and in 2010 it had me by the tail.

But the loss of desire and inspiration to create is harder, and more than a little scary, for me.  I tried telling myself to jump back in, but it hasn't worked.  My heart is just not in it.  So, I decided to try and figure out where my heart truly lies these days.  Yes, I'm going exploring...and I'm taking along a few books to help me on my way.

I bought this book because I admire Kelly Rae Roberts and love her techniques.
Also, I'm especially drawn to mixed-media paintings,
but for some reason I'm afraid to try it.
I've been painting since I was very young,
so this fear is baffling to say the least.  

I'm also reading this book because I tend to procrastinate.
And the author is perfectly willing to give you a real kick in the pants
about making excuses and not doing what you need to do.
She's kind of like your mother and your mentor rolled into one.

The last of my guidebooks is about mixing art and business.
love reading business books.  I know - I'm weird!

When I started my blog I thought I would write about art and antiquing/junking, but it really didn't work out that way.  In fact, I barely wrote at all.  So this year I'm going to rededicate myself and my blog to exploring my heart and the art that I know is still in there somewhere.  Want to come along?

I'll see you on the road less traveled, dear friends.



  1. Oh my dear friend,
    How I can relate! It is a need for something more, something with meaning and purpose. Something that comes from the heart, that is needing to be expressed. I hope we have a good journey together.

  2. I get shotgun!!!
    This post is exactly where I am right do I fit it all in? What am I to be creating? How do I sell? Where do I want "this" to all go? What is "THIS", anyway????
    count me in, my friend!

  3. oh Susan,
    it has been a hard year for you but you seem to have your head on right and are coming along with the right mindset for a new year.
    I hear ya about losing your desire to create.
    When I got pregnant, I stopped everything! I had a almost sick feeling if I even thought of crafting.
    I never thought I would feel the same about my love ever again. Soon time passed and so did those feelings. Now I can't get enough time in the studio but have ideas constantly. The creative process is a lot different for me now and more rushed but it will come back when it is ready trust me.
    I don't know if you know of Kate from Salvage Dior but she is also been diagnosed with lupus and her blog is so inspiring. She is a lovely caring woman that you might be able to talk with that knows exactly how you are feeling.
    here is the link.
    I wish you the strength to find yourself again thru all this.

  4. I wish the best for you, while you are on this journey.. Another wonderful book is call "The Artist Way" by Julia Cameron. It's totally about finding you way! Hugs, Linda