Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh! Heart of Mine

I thought I had a picture in my mind of what I wanted my heart, for the Heart from the Heart swap, to look like.  I picked out my fabric, embroidery floss, and beads...

 ...then, somewhere between that point
and the finished product something happened.

The embroidery got OUT OF CONTROL!

It was supposed to be simple outlines and some beads;
somehow it turned into full fledged crewel work and lots of beads.
This is definitely one project that took on a life of its own.

Vision. Discipline. Restraint...Out the window.
The heavy needlework on this side made the whole thing feel off kilter.

What to do?  What to do?

I found the solution at the flea market last Sunday.

A pretty silver butterfly.
I think it was originally a broach, but the pin back broke off.
A bar with a tiny hole in it made it easy to sew on.

So here is my heart, albeit slightly misshapen.
Who knew that a heart loaded with beads would be hard to sew?
Not me...but I do now!


I know I promised I would have a post ready for my new blog,
but I had some technical problems...Technically, I got lazy.
I'll have it ready to post tomorrow...Really...I mean it this time...Don't believe me?
Come back tomorrow and see for yourself.  LOL!  


  1. It's gorgeous Susan!


  2. wow you can really see how you put your heart into this turned out beautiful.
    Funny how we get lost in something and forget about the technical stuff until after the sewing starts.

    Thanks for all the links you left me with yesterday.
    I have been soaking it all in last night and for most of the day today.
    It is really nice getting lost in some blogs I never looked at before. It really has kept my mind going and that leads to me then getting up and redecorating spaces in the house.
    Things are still holding steady but hospice is taking over today so...who knows now. Thanks for everything

  3. This is really beautiful, Susan! In the first photo, I thought it was a fabric print, then in the closeup I saw all the beads and stitching...gorgeous!

  4. WOW.. All that stitching and beading looks so beautiful. Such inspiring work!!