Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yipee! It's Spring?

Monday was the official start of Spring; and it's true, as I walked around the garden making note of the chores to be done, I spied Daffodil shoots and the red tips of my favorite Peonies poking up and even the tiniest yellow Crocus in bloom.  Then yesterday, came warnings of a winter storm -- snow, freezing rain and even "thunder snow" complete with lightening.  And this morning, we had this...

Cold temps are predicted all week, so this stuff will be hanging around
for awhile.  Ironically, we are getting ready for a folk art and antique
show on Saturday, called "The Promise of Spring."  Maybe we'll
be too busy to notice this (hopefully) last blast of winter.

Nah.  Not possible.

I hope your gardens are green and your skies are blue, dear friends.

Hugs, Susan 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Also Known As...A Bad Hair Day

Have you ever had one of those days?   I'm sure we all have, and I'm having one today.  It started out rough because I overslept.  So by the time I pulled myself out of bed, my back was aching from having laid too long.  Creaking along like an old woman, I pulled on my robe and slippers and headed to the bathroom.  As I passed the mirror...Oh Lord!  It looked like Cindy Lou Whoo had been by to do my hair.

I tried smashing it down but it just popped back up. 
I should jump immediately in the shower and let hot water and shampoo
work its magic...but I REALLY want a cup of coffee.

Wait!  I'm the only one here, who's going to see me?

You know they're thinking..."What the heck is up with Mom's hair?"

(Luckily they are easily bribed with doggy biscuits.)

With coffee in hand, I head to the sofa to check on the morning news -
hoping it isn't too awful.  It's 9:15 am and the news is awful.

What's that noise?  A FedEx truck pulling in the driveway.  Maybe he'll
just leave the box and go away.  No such luck.  Doorbell rings, doggies go
into a fit of barking, and I briefly think about my hair and wonder if I would look
weird answering the door with a dish towel on my head.  Probably.

So I suck it up, put on my best Miss America smile and fling open the door.

"Package for "Joe Schmoe, can you sign?"  he says with a smirky little smile.

What!  There's no "Joe Schmoe" here.  Wrong address.

As I close the door and head for the shower, I think...

"This is what's known as a bad hair day."

So dear friends, I hope you are well coiffed and having a lovely day.


Monday, March 7, 2011

A Prize Indeed!

A few weeks ago, I was so very fortunate to win Miss Sandy's giveaway over at Quill Cottage.  I am always so inspired by this lovely soul that I was just thrilled beyond the moon to win a piece of her fabulous art. (Remember, she is the source of inspiration for my "Where I Am From" poem. Here.)

Well, as luck would have it - my prize arrived when I was sick, on strong medication and unfit for civil company.  So, I am dreadfully late in acknowledging my gift and giving thanks.  Thank You, Miss Sandy!

You can see how beautifully wrapped everything was. 
I'm one of those people who like to carefully unwrap packages
and save the paper and ribbon.  Especially when it's as lovely as this! 
Even the tissue got smoothed out and folded for future use.

Miss Sandy tucked in this sweet tag, that is now residing on
the inspiration board in my sewing room.

Aren't her business cards cute!  A nest and a quill; they sum her
up perfectly.  See why I didn't want to rip this package apart?

A beautiful nature journal:
full of color and texture, words and inspiration.

Words of wisdom and the beauty of nature, from beginning to end.

Feathers, buttons and fibers...

Look closer...beautiful words.  A Miss Sandy trademark.

Splashes of red; my favorite accent color.
Here in a feather...there in a leaf.

Fly... My heart soared.

The End...
No, time to start over and see everything I missed the first time through!

Thank You, Miss Sandy!

Thank You too!
To everyone who sent well wishes while I was struggling with health issues.
I'm feeling better and determined to move forward.
I'm back in the studio, so I'll have some cute spring characters to share soon.

Big hugs dear friends,