Friday, November 8, 2013

Off the Cuff

Hey!  I think I'm on a roll here in blogland.  A new post two days in a row!  This will be a short one though, cuz I'm at my Just Beautiful boutique and supposed to be working on financial reports in between customer visits.  I really just stopped by to post a couple of photos of a bridal cuff I made for a customer to give to her daughter as a sweet little pre-wedding gift.

I wish I had a picture of it on a wrist.  The middle strip is vintage white velvet ribbon with little black loops along the edge -- can't remember the name for it piquoe or something, I think. The narrow ribbon has metallic embroidery in a rose pattern that's really pretty.  Then it ties on with a narrow black velvet ribbon.  These are sooo fun to make!  You should try it.
Well, back to the VERY uncreative world of finances.
See you later alligator(s)!

1 comment:

  1. Go Susan Go!!!
    Love that you are back and feeling light and fun.
    What an elegant cuff. I would love to see them on the wrist too.
    I am so glad that things seem to be light again, even if it is bitterly cold :)