Friday, January 7, 2011

Ready, Set, Sew

It took most of the day yesterday, but my sewing stuff has been moved to the guest room.  Everything is organized and ready for me start sewing.  I have a whole list of projects...starting with my heart for the Heart from the Heart Swap, and ending (at least for now) with new curtains for my sewing room/guest room.  Actually, we've always just called it the "blue room,"  you'll see why. 

The Blue Room is pretty small, about 10' x 11'.
These photos pretty much cover it - corner to corner.

It doesn't really show well, but the paint is really pretty.
I started with a nice cream base,
then ragged on a pretty blue that I thinned down with water.
Next, I added glaze to a sage green and lightly ragged that on.
Finally, I added some iridescent glaze to a light lavender,
and pounced it on with a scrunched up plastic dry cleaning bag.

Here is my sewing cabinet, all ready to go.
I love everything about this cabinet - except the color. 
I'll paint it one of these days.

I made a nice big inspiration board and can't wait to start filling it up.
It's actually two fabrics - a pretty green stripe
covered with a piece of antique gold lace.

The chair is very shabby chic, but not high enough to sit comfortably
at the sewing machine, so I'll have to drag my chair in
from the studio until I can replace it with something else.

Here's a close-up, lots of cubbies.

Here are some of my vintage pin cushions and a baby doll that I saved at
an auction.  I'm not really a doll gal, but I thought this would be really cute
with the top of her head made into a pin cushion.

The shelf is the arm frame from an antique settee. 
My sweet hubby, aka Bad Rooster,
added some support pieces so that it can be free standing.

Buttons on another cubby.

And last but not least, some close-up pics
of the ribbon storage shelf that I made over.

There you have it dear friends. I hope you enjoyed the tour,
and found a little inspiration.

Tomorrow, I'll be posting about my creative journey,
and I hope you'll join me.



  1. Okay I wanted to "Borrow" the little shelf before....but now that it is loaded with goodies...I am coming to take it....I do know where you live!

  2. OH SUSAN, it looks so great!
    I love the way the cabinet for your trims turned out.
    and ya know I would have saved that doll for sure!
    I am so sad that I didn't get a chance to save a bunch of dolls at an auction back home. They were on the last table of the night and it was the make an offer table but my brother didn't want to stay so I was dragging my feet and pouting as we left.
    Like a little girl leaving a store without her dolly. So Sad How Old am I, LOL
    Thanks for Rudys well wishes.
    You really inspired me this week to get organized!

  3. Your ribbon shelf is wonderful, Susan! It's not only practical but also makes a great decoration!
    Have a lovely weekend :-)!

  4. wow!!! I love it. The colors, the board, the desk, the cubbies...even the doll and I am so not a doll person, but when you said that you would put a pin cushion on top of her head, it made me laugh and I can totally see it!!!!
    looking forward to seeing what comes out of this room..