Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Generosity of Spirit

Inspiration. Community. Humor. Understanding and Support
I've found them all, tied up in a great big ribbon of Generosity

First, my friend Amy announced a giveaway. 

She makes wonderful things, including this sweet
little crown, that reflect her love of
old, worn and much loved relics of everyday life,
 In doing so, Amy gives them new life and give us
the opportunity to see beauty through her eyes.

I was lucky enough to win this giveaway, my first ever.
But, the generosity Amy embodies didn't stop with me.
She's announced that everyone who entered, all 35 of us,
 will receive a crown.  Thirty-five little crowns = a whole lot of love!

Next, my dear friend Lynn, posted about words
that reflect our art, who we are and who we want to be.
Words like... Hope, Authentic, Renewal (my word)
and Playful joined her word Intention.

But, Lynn didn't stop with simply giving us the opportunity to
look inside ourselves and boil our aspirations down
to a single word.  She has generously offered one of her
beautiful pendants in a giveaway.
Click HERE to visit Lynn, share your word and enter to win
one of her stunning pendants -- Purpose.

Finally, Linda over at Itsy Bits and Pieces is celebrating 400 followers.
But we really know that's code for 400 friends!

Her warm and generous spirit draws us in,
and her creativity keeps us coming back again and again.
For Linda, its all about the little things in life.  Fortunately for us,
she wraps them up in a cozy blanket of warmth and friendship.
Click HERE to visit Linda and enter her giveaway.

I'm so grateful for the love, wisdom and companionship
that these women share everyday.

And I can't wait to get my crown!

I just had to come back and add one more incredible example of generosity to my post.  Not long ago, I sent an email to Julia, her blog is called Vintage with Laces, to ask her if she had ever considered doing a tutorial on how to make her fabulous coffee filter roses.

Julia's work is extraordinary and I fell in love with these roses
the minute I laid eyes them.  Well, in no time at all -- this very morning,
to be exact, I received an email with a tutorial attached.
The pictures and directions are so easy to follow.
I know I'll be making roses in no time.
In fact, I think I might just make some today!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Julia.


  1. Hello Susan! Thanks for visiting my blog, I have really been slacking off! Your blog looks great, and I see you have enjoyed the generosity of our fellow bloggers! Gosh, I have missed blogging! Hugs, Kim

  2. Susan
    I was stunned when I saw that Amy was giving away crowns to each person that commented on the give away. I am so glad you introduced us to her!!! Congratulations on your win-that gave me a big smile when I saw that you were the WINNER!!
    (Thanks, too, for the mention on your sweet blog of my give away)
    I sure can't wait to see how your roses turn out, those are beautiful!