Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Heart and Meaning

PassionMission.  Bliss.  Beautiful, powerful words, but they have the power to bring me to a quivering halt because they have been missing in my life lately.  Tonight though, I'm feeling a little easier about them, about finding what they represent in my life and my art again.  I've been thinking, with intention, about what is truly important to me.

It seems like this should be easy, and in some ways it is.  Family, friends, pets...yes, but also love, faith and spirituality, curiosity, a quick mind.  And what about humor, empathy (it's what makes me cry at sad movies,) loyalty, civility and tenacity.  You see, the list gets longer and longer because all of these things are deeply important to me.

I was looking at Etsy yesterday and a piece of artwork caught my eye.  I won't use it here because I don't have permission, but basically it addressed the notion that if you're creative - chances are you're interested in just about EVERYTHING.  I know that's true for me.  Unfortunately, everything is a lot to put in a pathway of my mandala.

So, after a process of writing and circling keywords, words that kept showing up... and in addition to  those concepts of family, faith, etc. listed above -- I have narrowed down a list of words to place in the Heart and Meaning pathway of my mandala.

The most used word in my writing is story or storytelling.

Stories about History...

Our Individual History...

...and Shared History.

Natural History.

Stories of Ancient Places...

...and How We Live in them.

Stories of Rural Life and Architecture.

Stories of Animals...

 ...and Gardens.

Stories of how we Work...


...and Learn.

These are my words of inspiration, passion and bliss; and they'll take their place in my mandala.

Where does your heart lie?



  1. also with history, what made a person love something so much to keep it even though it is barely still in existence?
    I have a passion for the loved and the worn out.
    And my art truly reflects this.
    each piece I make is from the heart and something I love, if I don't love it I won't make it or sell it.
    I know that my art always has a place in my home even if it never sells because I love what I do.
    Thanks Susan for always posting a very thought provoking item.
    My day has ended much better than it started.
    Thank you

  2. Susan,
    How interesting to see more into who you are. I really, really like it. You are thoughtful and thought-provoking, helping me in this journey of taking a deeper look into the why and how of what we love, love to do.