Friday, January 21, 2011

Being Cozy

My ear is finally feeling better and my Dad will be released from the hospital
this afternoon, so no more long treks into the neighboring town to
make sure he's behaving himself.  (I'm not joking about that!)

Most evenings lately you'd find me here...sitting in my favorite chair, and
working on my heart for the Heart from the Heart swap.  I'm embellishing
my heart by following the print on the fabric with crewel embroidery
(my version anyway, using floss instead of yarn) and beading.
I'm just about finished, one more evening should do it.
Then I'll pull it off the hoop, cut away the excess fabric and sew it up.

It's supposed to be absolutely frigid this weekend, so I think
I'll put a fire in the fireplace, make a cup of tea and
settle in to finish my handwork.

Have a wonderful day dear friends...and be cozy!



  1. I love this of course I had to click on the picture to enbiggen it (as Mary Ann would say) and it is beautiful. Thank you for making a true heart from the heart!

  2. glad you are feeling better and finding some time to relax. Your work is so detailed and breathtaking.
    I don't have nimble fingers for such delicate needlework, I always admire those who have the fingers and patience for this work.
    Take care, bundle up. I can just see the fire burning tonight as you sit and finish your work.

  3. Oh No! We are both dealing with ear problems. I am better also. I love your needle work, I do try but it never looks right to me.
    Stay warm, you have a wonderful place to relax.
    Big Hugs, Mary

  4. Hi Susan, I'm glad to hear that you are doing better and that your dad's surgery went well. Your stitching looks exquisite! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished heart.
    Have a lovely weekend and stay warm, dear friend!
    Big HUGS,

  5. Glad you are feeling better, my friend!!
    Your heart is I knew it would be. Wish I could come sit by the fire with you. Or bring you here for some sunshine!!