Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Simply Good Year

The new year has just begun and I find myself
wondering what it will bring:  Beauty, Creativity, Adventure.
I'm hoping for all of the above, but I'm also longing for
days filled with quiet, simple pleasures.
I wasn't able to create much art in 2012, this Timekeeper was one
of the few pieces I managed to get done.  He has gone to a good
home and joins a small collection of my work, but I have his image to remind
me that while time marches on, we don't always have to race around
at a break-neck pace. 
Sometimes if we just take one day at a time
we can pause long enough to enjoy the small, quiet things that bring such
pleasure:  the smell of fresh coffee, the sparkle of snow under a clear
blue sky, a warm bed and a good book, reuniting with good friends.

So Happy New Year dear friends,
I hope your 2013 is filled with simple joys.