Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Forested Fairy Land

Iargo Springs is an historic Native American site.  The waters that flow from the river embankment were believed to have healing powers, and so, the area became the site of important pow-wows for the regions earliest inhabitants.  I can personally attest to the sense of calm and serenity of this place, and yes, I do believe in its power to heal.

Iargo means "many waters."

Water, and moss, and ferns, oh my!

The air is so wet it feels difficult to take a deep breath,
and you almost feel like you're in a temperate rain forest.

It feels ancient, and I suppose it is.

Then you arrive at the river.

Can you see those two white dots out there on the water?
Those are either Mute Swans or Trumpeters.  I hope they are
are Mute Swans, they are rare and endangered. 
If there is any place they could survive,
I have to believe it would be Iargo.

Now, to give you a little perspective about how far you descend into this
otherworldly place,  you can climb back out with me...
here we go!

First rest stop...

Second rest stop...

One more to go...
Nearly 200 steps in all, whew!
Notice this last photo is a little blurry, 200 steps will do that to you.
Ha Ha!  But I made it out, and would do it again in a heartbeat.

I hope you've enjoyed your tour, dear friends.  If you are ever in the area,
be sure to stop and explore Iagro for yourself.  I promise you won't be disappointed.


  1. Wow...that looks like a long set of steps to get back, but oh how worth it, it is to see the beauty of the river below!
    Thank you sweet friend for the amazing tour, I would love to go fishing in your little ole water hole.
    Have a fabulous weekend...

  2. Oh! That truly is a magical, healing place! I felt my blood pressure go down as I just feasted my eyes on your wonderful pictures!
    So serene and calming...just what I needed today!
    Thank you!

  3. It almost felt like fairies should be next to the stream...lovely pictures!! Hugs, Mary