Sunday, June 13, 2010

Trucks, Tractors and Turtles

I just couldn't resist the opportunity to head out and do some treasure hunting this week.  I live in a rural area and one of the small villages near my home organized a garage sale trail.  So armed with map, a pocket full of small bills and a couple empty totes, my sweet husband and I hit the trail.  The trail led down dirt roads, onto centennial farms, into a few subdivisions, and through the small village of Hadley.  The weather was lovely and by the end of the day the car was full and our pockets were empty.

One of my favorite stops was an old farm house with lots of vintage charm.  As I wandered through the piles of junk (I mean treasures) my eye wandered to the barn and beyond.  That's when I saw old truck!  I LOVE old trucks and so I left my growing stash of treasures, with a quick "Can you watch this stuff?" thrown over my shoulder at my husband, and took off to check it out.

She was a beauty!  The owner wandered over, probably to make sure I wasn't drooling on his baby, and told me this gem had belonged to his father.  As we talked, he told me he had a special truck that he was restoring in the barn.  So, of course, I had to go take a peek.  He was right; she's special, or rather, will be.


Before we left, I asked if could snap a few more pictures to share on my blog.  They were so kind to let me just wander around and click away.  Here's some of what I found...

Tractors hiding in the brush.

A lovely old barn with a great old Coca-Cola sign.


And last but not least...

That evening, as we unloaded the last of our goods, we spied a visitor in the back yard.
Mama turtle on her way from the pond to the farm field to lay her eggs in the gravelly soil.  She's a big girl, almost 2 ft. long from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail.  She's been a resident in our pond for several years now.  But don't let her sweet looks fool you - she's a snapper and she bites!"


As you start a new week, don't forget to take a little walk on the wild side.

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  1. Susan,
    What a fun day!!! The truck is amazing, and I really, really like the photo with the coca-cola sign on the barn. How great that your husband treasure hunts with you. He's a keeper!!