Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumn in the Country

The weather was marvelous, simply marvelous, darlings!  There were lots of really nice people stopping by and saying even nicer things about my booth.  So went the Autumn in the Country event I attended this past Sunday.  The event, held at one of my favorite shops in a nearby village, was small but quaint and really reflected the Autumn in the Country theme. 

Okay, so sales could have been better...but remember this is mid-Michigan where the economy isn't exactly thriving yet.  And the show is in its first year, so word of mouth hasn't had time to spread.  After the show, Bev,  the shop's owner and show organizer asked me what I thought and whether I would come back next year.  I answered as honestly as I could and told her that I had a really good time and MAYBE I would do it again. 

She seemed okay with that answer, after all, she's a business woman and knows that until you look at the numbers you really don't know where you stand.  So I spent all day Monday and Tuesday unloading, reorganizing and crunching numbers.   Oh alright, not ALL day Monday... I was exhausted!  What can I say, I'm getting older and I just don't spring back into action that quickly anymore.

Anyway, the bottom line is I just about broke even, especially when you factor in the handmade soap and dried botanicals I bought from other vendors, yummy smelling things.  It's true, there are things I could change, like the mix of goods I offer, that could positively impact my sales.  But there are things that I can't change that may have just as much impact on the shows potential; things like the size and location of the venue.  So, I'm not sure yet whether I would do it again.

This huge pumpkin was carved while still attached to the vine in the field,
and left to heal-over and form scar tissue that turns a pretty buff color.
There were more for sale in the booth next to mine.

The one with the pie recipe is my favorite.

She also sold dried botanicals, old canning jars filled with feathers,
and a few collectibles.  I couldn't resist the Bittersweet and Sweet Annie.

The vendor on the other side of me had mittens for sale...
cozy, soft, colorful mittens made from recycled sweaters. 
They almost made you wish it was cold enough to need them.

There was one other vendor selling antiques and collectibles.
Don't you love the sign in the photo below?
I think it was originally part of a shipping crate.

And here's some of the things I brought to sell...
We made memo boards from vintage feed sacks.  I absolutely LOVE them.
The Little Pete Northern Bean sack is one of my faves.
I don't know if you can make it out, but he's dressed like a
little cowboy complete with gun and holster.
My mom contributed the Halloween art, including some cute shakers.

You can see a few more of the memo boards in this picture...
Betty Zane Popcorn, Sunshine Biscuits and Alfalfa Seed.

I'm currently in love with silhouettes and brown transfer ware.
It just about killed me to sell this pitcher, but I did.

I'll share a few more photos soon.
Until then, dear friends...


  1. This makes me want to be home sooooo bad.
    I love it all, those mittens rock.
    The colors just make me feel the crispness in the air. Dreaming Dreaming Dreaming.

  2. What a lovely place for such an event! It's a shame that the sales hadn't been better but it's good to hear that you had fun anyhow. Your memo boards are such a great idea, Susan! I also love the silhouettes and no wonder you had a hard time parting with that pretty pitcher.
    Hugs to you,

  3. Oh, what a gorgeous venue!!! And it looks like the weather was perfect.
    Shows are such a hit and miss, aren't they? But I am glad that you at least broke even...
    The memo boards are my favorite!