Friday, February 26, 2010

In the Land of Dreamy Dreams

This title is actually from a book of short stories that I read a long time ago; I think the author's name is Ellen Gilchrist, but I could be wrong -- it was such a long time ago.  Anyway, it seemed the appropriate title for this entry as I contemplate all the sweet women I've met in just one day of posting.  It's funny how you read other peoples' stories and you know many have had this experience before you.  But until you sit down and look at the names and read their blogs and take a quick peek into their lives, you don't really understand how profound an experience it is.  I'm usually not overly sentimental, but as I sit here tonight my heart is full of gratitude and a warm sense of belonging to a community nestled deep within the land of dreamy dreams.  Thank you all.  I look forward to sharing art and beauty and joy with each of you.

P.S.  I'm not sure where I got this photo. 
I may have even downloaded it from one of your blogs, if so, Thank You!


  1. I love this winter picture. I have used it in some christmas gifts for friends.
    Thank you Susan for going to my blog....I will return often...Have Fun, Mary
    I always called my Mother Mama, that is what she that is why I called it this, but I had forgotten about the movie, it is a really good old clasic.

  2. Hi Susan!

    I am lovin' the little critters in your header! Especially the mousey eating the cheese waffle!

    The antique photo is so precious!

    You post touched my heart and I am now a daily follower...sometimes late ... sometimes early but I'll be stopping by because I love your style and your way with words!

    Have fun!


  3. Welcome to the blogging world - I hope to be able to start one soon someday myself. Actually too busy and somewhat lazy come to mind for myself, so not sure when it will happen for me. I very much enjoy everyone else's though.

    I am in Michigan City, IN down by Lake Michigan and we are tired of the snow here as well and I can't wait for spring, flowers, warm air and sunshine.

    Again, welcome and I look forward to following you. Love the creatures in your header!

  4. Hi Lifespassion,
    All I can say is...when your ready jump right in the water's fine. It does take some time in your schedule so that is a consideration, but the rewards are considerable. I know Michigan City, well - from the train anyway. I travel through on my way to Evanston via Chicago when I visit the gallery that carries my artwork. I'll wave next time I'm in town. Glad to have you as a friend.

  5. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for visiting my blog again. I love your post here, so true, it is so nice to meet new friends with similar interests. I don't know how long it will take for 4' of snow to melt, never had this much! But we usually are ok with the Spring thaw, the flood waters run around our property! Have a wonderful weekend!, Kim

  6. I'm so very glad that some friends have welcomed you!!!! Blogging is so fun, and so very rewarding ~ I've made many wonderful friends on my blogging journey and always look forward to making more Susan!!! I truly am so glad you're here, hugs and love, Dawn

  7. Hi Susan!
    I found you through Sweet Dawn and I wanted to come and welcome you too!!!
    You are going to meet some wonderful friends out here and not mention, you are going to have lots of fun!!!
    I love the image :)