Sunday, February 28, 2010

Come See My Tearsures

As if starting a blog isn't challenging enough, I decided to open a booth in one of my favorite antique shops, Pure Potential, located in a small town north of where I live here in Michigan.  So of course, I've been hitting a few auctions and, this morning, an early visit to the flea market.  This afternoon we (hubby Bruce and I) sorted, cleaned and photographed some of the treasures.  We'll take it to the shop tomorrow; we already have our display pieces in place.  I still have a lot to do tonight before I can rest, so I'll leave you with some photos to give you a glimps of what we'll have for sale.  I'll have photos of everything in place at the booth tomorrow.  Goodnight sweet friends, I hope you enjoy my treasures.

Pretty botanicals, baskets, copper with fabulous patina,
crockery and vintage table clothes.

I love the wheelbarrow and garden theme on this table cloth.

A couple of great quilts.  Don't you just love those colors.

I don't know a lot about quilts, but I think the fabrics in this
 one look to be from the 1930's.  Maybe feed sacks?

I can't decide which side of this whole cloth quilt I like better.
I'm pretty sure this has wool batting.

My pretties. 
 I love this print; the frame has a little roughness -- 
(do think I should fix it?) the print is in perfect condition.

Lovely Silver.

I absolutely could NOT resist this print.  My most expensive
purchase at $30.  Don't you L-O-V-E it!
(Approx. 8" X 15")

And last but not least, a little pink, black and cream.
I think the pink bullet shaped vase is fiberglass and the black lazy-susan
has six bowls made out of a heavy, smooth plastic with white and grey speckles. 
I'm guessing late 1950' or early 1960's maybe.

These two are the reason some of the photos are a little blurry.
Don't let the innocent looks fool you!
Boy-Dog (left) and Hollyberry (right)  Holly-B's even flashing a
toothy grin to try to get out trouble. 


  1. Great finds Susan! I look forward to seeing the pictures from your booth. I have that print with the girl looking at the bird, love it! The one with the children on the donkey is just adorable, I would have bought it too!

  2. Welcome to blogging Susan! Found your blog via Dawn. Looks as if you are on your way. Cheers from the west coast of Canada!

  3. Oh how fun to have a booth in the antique store!
    Be sure to post pics when you get it set up!
    You've got lovely treasures to get started...thanks for sharing!