Thursday, February 25, 2010

Here Goes Nothin'

Do you know those people out there who lurk in the shadows, watching, waiting, trying to size things up before stepping into the light so that they can be seen and heard?  Well, I've got a confession.  For the past year or so, I've been one of those people!  Not, of course, because I enjoy being a Peeping Tammy.  But rather, because I'm a bit of a profectionist with a touch of OCD and a mild fear of failure.  I'm also incredibly BAD at anything to do with my computer.

But, after scouting the neighborhood, reading some really good books (Tara Frey's Blogging for Bliss was particularly helpful) and pouring over every issue of Artful Blogging, I'm ready to take a chance.  I'm ready to step out of the shadows, introduce myself and invite you in for a chat.  And next time I'm in your neighborhood, I'll be sure to leave a little note letting you know I've been there and how much I liked your artwork, or gardens, or your thoughts for the day.

So now the last thing to do is pick a photo or two to include with this maiden post.  It's been a long winter here in Michigan, with snow still on the ground, so no photos of the current landscape please.  Maybe one from last summer.  I know just that one!  And maybe one or two that will tell you a little about the things I cherish as objects of my affection.

My cat Autumn in the Garden

Bathing Beauties - I love the old suits!

Country primatives

Victorian Trade Cards


  1. Congratulations Susan! I just popped in after reading your comment on Dawn's blog...she's a wonderful person! She was the person who encouraged me to try blogging...I've only been at it for a very short time (like 2 weeks today)and I was fearful exactly like you WERE. I'm so glad I took the leap...this is a world beyond's members are talented, kind, supportive, helpful and always uplifting to each other!

    So welcome and I must say your first post is gorgeous! Love your photos and I can't wait to read your blog each time you post!

    You'll find it worthwhile and this is a venue that feeds your soul as well as your followers!

    Take care and if you get a chance come by and visit.


  2. Hi Susan!!! Welcome to blogging sweetie!!!! I'm so glad you're here! You will be welcomed with open arms, be inspired and will also be encouraged in this land of blog....

    Congratulations and I hope you don't mind but I just had to introduce you, that is the proper thing to do!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  3. Hi Susan - I found you through the post this monring on The Feathered Nest. I have been an 'on and off' blogger for some time and finally decided late last year to commit myself more and take the plunge! I too would lurk but not comment and I still don't totally have the hang of it. But I believe that 'practice makes perfect' so I am hanging in there! Your blog is set up very nice and I love your first post so you are off and running! Best of luck to you. deb

  4. Your header is so cute! Do you make those little wonders? I come to you from The Feathered Nest, whom I visit almost daily; so glad you're here.-- Sally

  5. Hi Susan, I am here via Dawn.I also purchased Taras book and really have taken some of the advice but planned on figuring out a new header for my blog but havent done that yet. I like your little people in your header..also the old pics.I will be back to see more surprises you have coming up...sally

  6. Hi Susan, Welcome to our wonderful blog world, You will meet so many wonderful ladies with like interests. Your blog is looking lovely. Have a very nice weekend. Smiles Carol mae

  7. Welcome to bloggyland! Take notes, keep your camera ready and go from there! I enjoy primitives myself and love the photo you have of the grouping ~ Have a great weekend. Judi

  8. Hey Susan! I guess I get my "peeping Tammyness" from you as well as my mail phobia! I'm glad you have a blog, now maybe I can keep up with you! I didn't know you liked Victorian cards. Guess I know now where I get that, too. -Nichole G.

  9. Hello Susan, Well you are off to a great start. Your pictures are great! I look forward to seeing more of your artwork. You are going to love having a blog and meeting new people, I know I do. hugs,Kim

  10. Hi Susan!! I found you over at Feathered Nest. My name is Lynn, and WELCOME!!! Your start to blogging is lovely! I can't wait to see more. Come on over and see some spring at my blog!!!!
    Looking forward to more,

  11. Hiya Susan! I come by way of Dawn (who else?)
    ;-) She's such a sweetie!
    Welcome to Blogland..Dawn helped me get my start almost 2 years ago!! You are in for a wonderful will meet THE most wonderful people!
    Glad you joined in on the fun!

  12. Hi Autumn and Susan!

    Welcome to the world of blogging! I was like you and have finally decided to quit hiding in the shadows - just recently!

    I'm glad that Dawn has introduced you so that we could find you. I am admiring your blog and knowing that you will find many others who will as well!

    We are happy to have you in our world!

    Romeo and "her"

  13. Welcome to the land of peeper's! We love seeing each others blogs and now you are a newbie to watch over...Have fun, Mary