Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yipee! It's Spring?

Monday was the official start of Spring; and it's true, as I walked around the garden making note of the chores to be done, I spied Daffodil shoots and the red tips of my favorite Peonies poking up and even the tiniest yellow Crocus in bloom.  Then yesterday, came warnings of a winter storm -- snow, freezing rain and even "thunder snow" complete with lightening.  And this morning, we had this...

Cold temps are predicted all week, so this stuff will be hanging around
for awhile.  Ironically, we are getting ready for a folk art and antique
show on Saturday, called "The Promise of Spring."  Maybe we'll
be too busy to notice this (hopefully) last blast of winter.

Nah.  Not possible.

I hope your gardens are green and your skies are blue, dear friends.

Hugs, Susan 


  1. oh no Susan,
    I know you are so sick of the snow.
    Just as you were getting all excited about your garden too.
    I wish I could send you some of our sun, it is cold here though but we have sun. This Spring as been very very cold, we had to turn the heat back on and put the shorts away.
    Soon soon it will be so hot so we better enjoy this little cold snap. :)

  2. WOW.. That look really cold.. I don't want to rub it in but it is a bit warmer here in Las Vegas and the sky have been pretty blue for the most part. But they are saying we will get some rain tonight.. I will believe it when I see it.. I love the rain.. I guess that is because I grew up here in the desert were it never rains.. I hope you get some warmer weather soon!!

    Hugs, Linda

  3. Oh no, not again! When it's almost April you don't want to see this. I'll keep my fingers cross for warmer temperatures to come, Susan.
    Have fun at the antique show!!!

  4. Hay Girl, how are you? Well, I can see you haven't stept our of winter yet..I hope when you read this all willl have past. I ran out and took some pictures today because we have had 2 good days...I am so hungry for warm and blue!! I have been away for awhile, computer trouble...but I am back. Hugs, Mary

  5. HI Susan,
    I haven't seen you around in a long while so I just wanted to come by and check in on you.
    Hope you are out enjoying the Spring
    Take care

  6. Hi Susan
    Found your blog this morning. Very nice. I love those two little dogs! Happy Easter week. Susan