Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Also Known As...A Bad Hair Day

Have you ever had one of those days?   I'm sure we all have, and I'm having one today.  It started out rough because I overslept.  So by the time I pulled myself out of bed, my back was aching from having laid too long.  Creaking along like an old woman, I pulled on my robe and slippers and headed to the bathroom.  As I passed the mirror...Oh Lord!  It looked like Cindy Lou Whoo had been by to do my hair.

I tried smashing it down but it just popped back up. 
I should jump immediately in the shower and let hot water and shampoo
work its magic...but I REALLY want a cup of coffee.

Wait!  I'm the only one here, who's going to see me?

You know they're thinking..."What the heck is up with Mom's hair?"

(Luckily they are easily bribed with doggy biscuits.)

With coffee in hand, I head to the sofa to check on the morning news -
hoping it isn't too awful.  It's 9:15 am and the news is awful.

What's that noise?  A FedEx truck pulling in the driveway.  Maybe he'll
just leave the box and go away.  No such luck.  Doorbell rings, doggies go
into a fit of barking, and I briefly think about my hair and wonder if I would look
weird answering the door with a dish towel on my head.  Probably.

So I suck it up, put on my best Miss America smile and fling open the door.

"Package for "Joe Schmoe, can you sign?"  he says with a smirky little smile.

What!  There's no "Joe Schmoe" here.  Wrong address.

As I close the door and head for the shower, I think...

"This is what's known as a bad hair day."

So dear friends, I hope you are well coiffed and having a lovely day.



  1. Oh I am laughing so hard at your expense, sorry! but thank you.
    That hair is how brooklyns looks on most days.
    but love the idea of the dishtowel on your head.
    I am sure he has seen crazier things when people fling open that door. eeks.
    Get away from that tv and the horrible news and have a great day!

  2. No, Susan, I'm not well coiffed at all and I hope no mail guy will ring our door bell within the next half hour, LOL.
    I'm off to the shower now ... :-)
    Hugs to you,

  3. Hi Susan,
    oh, do I know those days,lol!
    Have a great day.

  4. You are so funny. Thanks so much for making me smile this morning. I also have had many days like that.. I am the type of gal who has to have coffee before anything else.. Including a shower.... I do hope you are enjoying your week!

    Hugs, Linda

  5. No such luck. My bangs have been sticking straight out like a board for the past couple of days when I get up. Enough so that even Brenna laughs at me..."you have bad bed-head, mom!"

  6. I have alot of those days...I think it would be good for me to go get that cup of coffee, I am still not ready for the day. Love this post!!!
    Hugs, mary