Friday, December 17, 2010

A Happy and Bright Christmas in the Mail

If you've read my previous two posts, you'll know that we had a snow storm here earlier this week.  It wasn't the blizzard that hit Minnesota, but still, it made the roads quite difficult.  The rule of thumb for mail delivery in my neck of the woods under such conditions is this...

The mail will be delivered to your box as soon as the mail trucks can get through.  If you receive a package that won't fit into the mailbox, the driver will bring it to the door, IF you have your driveway plowed. 

As it turns out, I did have package in the mail - a very special package.  And no, the driveway had not been plowed.  So instead of finding a cute little box at my doorstep...I found a note directing me to present myself at the post office to pick it up.

By the time the roads were cleared (Tuesday) and the wind stopped blowing the snow right back on the roads (Wednesday) -- I was sick.  I've got infections in both my ears and my face is swollen up so much that I look like one of Alvin's chipmunk friends.  So the only place I went (Thursday) was the doctor's office to get big "honking" (a technical term) antibiotic pills that look like they were made for horses not people.

So it wasn't until today that I made my way to the post office to retrieve my package.  I had no idea who would be sending me something, so it was quite a mystery.  Imagine my delight when I discovered my package was sent by Lynn at A Little Blue Sky.

Look how cute the box is.  When the outside looks this good,
you know what's inside will be really special.

Here's what I found under the bubble wrap and tissue...

A darling brown paper package, stitched up with string.
One of my favorite things!
  Look Here to see why I'm glad Party Girl didn't get her lips on it.

And, wrapped in a bit of burlap and tinsel, with a glittery S...

A beautiful ornament! 
Soldered, glittered and embellished with beads and a jingle bell.

Here's the other side; just gorgeous!

Lynn posted about making these Here.
 This gift means even more to me because I know
how much love went into making it.

Thank You sweet friend!

For the moment my precious gift is hanging on the cabinet
in my dining room, along with a few treasured Christmas cards.
Eventually, it will adorn my tree in the living room.
I will get it decorated before Christmas!  LOL.

One of the best things -- inside the card you see peeking from
the wrapper is a sweet message from Lynn and
a big hug sent from her darling Brenna.

I'm so grateful for Lynn, her daughter,
and the blog that introduced me to them both. 



  1. my goodness what a story, you poor thing with the ears. I hope it has been relieved a little by the happiness of receiving a surprise.
    It is a beautifully wrapped package.
    So victorian in style.
    Wishing you well

  2. Oh, my friend!! I am doubly glad your gift arrived!! You need some cheering up in a big way. So sorry to hear about your infection. What a couple of months you have had.
    It's so fun to see everything on your blog!

  3. Such a sweet gift! I so hope you are starting to feel better! Ear infections are no fun, and two... absolutely no fun!