Sunday, December 12, 2010

Elves in Wonderland

I was going to call this post "An Elfin Wonderland;" but when I heard it in my head, it sounded too much like something that should be bleeped.  So, with a little grammatical tweak it becomes "Elves in Wonderland" and it is part 2 of my front porch decorating adventure.

This little guy has found a comfortable perch in the nest filled with Sumac berries.

I've been collecting these little knee-hugger elves for the past few years.
I never expected them to take up residence on the front porch though. 

He looks so cheerful in his red striped pajama's, surrounded by snowballs.

I think this one is settled in his nest for a mid-morning nap.
He looks quite comfortable resting on a bit of tinsel.

I made these snowballs out of a variety of cream and white yarns
wrapped around Styrofoam balls.  I love the way they look and plan to carry
them throughout my decorating this year -- inside and out.

I have two vintage fireplace grate boxes and they are my favorite planters.
This one is guarded by a couple of rusty chickens,
created by a local artist from salvaged iron bits.
I think maybe they need stocking caps.  What do you think?

This one has become a perfect little woodland scene
for a couple of vintage pine cone elves.

Who knew elves were so fond of living in abandoned bird nests.
Here's a bit of trivia about me... I collect knot holes. 
I know, its weird, but you never know when one might come in handy. 

Isn't this sweet.  I bought this little flocked doe and fawn several years ago
as a package topper and never used it.  It came to mind while I was setting this scene.
See what you can do with a little moss and fungi.  LOL

I wonder what's down that knot hole? 
Do you think its a tunnel to Santa's Workshop?

And how does a snowman manage with so much green and so little snow?

Supervisor Bob says its really cold and starting to snow again. 
And could we p-l-e-a-s-e go inside now.
He really has four legs, but apparently its too cold to have them all
on the ground at the same time.  Okay, okay...we're going in.

That's all for now dear friends. 
There's a big snow storm starting, so the rest of the porch will have to wait.

Stay warm and snugly,


  1. Oh, I love elves and all the magic they bring!
    Your porch is looking like a woodland fairytale.
    So cute.
    I definitely can see stocking caps on the chickens!
    Poor kitty, get indoors and nestle up to a good fire and watch the snow fall.
    See, elves are magical, they made it snow.

  2. Sweet Susan...
    I love the elves on the porch...& your right, Elfin Wonderful does sound a bit like it should be bleeped! LOL Now if only I could get myself to say THAT word instead, when my mind is starting to unravel!!! ;)
    You know, right next to our felt & sequined angels on our tree were these little pinecone elves, I can see them perfectly in my minds eye. I must start collecting these too, to go along with my vintage ornaments...I LOVE THEM!!!!
    Happy Holidays Friend,
    Smiles & Candy Canes...

  3. SO cute, Susan! It just looks adorable on your porch! Stay warm!