Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Touched By Angels

When I started my blog I thought it would be a great place to meet other artists and flea market junkies.  It never occurred to me that it would become much more personal than that.  But, the challenges I've faced recently have taught me it is personal, deeply personal.  So many of you have reached out via comment and email to lend your support.  You have touched me with your offers of help with my blog, kind words of encouragement, and the lovely photos of two fairytale gardens posted by Laura at that allowed me to escape for a few difficult moments today.

So thank you, you have come to mean a lot to me and I look forward to getting to know each one of you.

Here are a few more quick peeks into my studio.

This is my main work space.
The table is an old school table from a science class.
I love the large document case in the back, here's a peek inside its drawers.

I also have an old bow front dresser filled with bits of vintage millinery,
ribbon and lace; and a growing collection of baby mitts and booties.

I hope you have a pleasant night dear friends.


  1. Susan,
    I could spend hours and hours in your studio-what fun!!!
    I am so very sorry to hear of the diagnosis of Lupus. Where to go from here?? I will be thinking of you and saying a prayer.
    much love

  2. I love, LOVE seeing your creative space Susan!!! What is it about peeking inside someone's one of their very favorite places that is so wonderful?? Thank you also for letting us peek into the drawers of your cabinet, you have a gorgeous collection of ephemera!!! Wishing you a wonderful, creative week ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  3. Hi Susan,
    love your studio, thanks for sharing.