Friday, May 7, 2010

Good Grief Charlie Brown!

Well, one problem appears to be fixed and another has appeared.  After spending so much time working on a new header it's a little frustrating that it appears to be causing so many problems.  So I'm off to the HELP forum, or whatever it's called, to see if I can figure it out.  Here's a little sketch that I did, to remind myself to keep things in perspective and just keep moving along.  I was thinking of using a series of sketches as my headers.  However, if it sends things into a downward spiral every time I edit my page - I may have to rethink that plan.


  1. Don't give up!!! If you need help, my friend, Susie ( can help!! Drop her a note!
    Love the little drawing!

  2. I hope you find some answers, I am just the kind that pushes the buttons but I do not have any idea how it works. Love your that what you are wanting to adorable.
    Hugs, Mary