Friday, April 2, 2010

I've Been Away Too Long

I'm sorry to have been away so long dear friends.  Like most of the women I know, I'm guilty of believing I can do more in a day than I actually can.  And so, I often over extend myself.  Such has been the case in the recent weeks.  When will I ever learn!

One of the things that kept me from writing to you was preparing for an antique and folkart show that I attended as a vendor for the first time this year.  It was a lot fun, sales were good and I met so many nice collectors, craftsmen and antique dealers.  But...I completely underestimated the amount of effort that goes into preparing for show like this.  The next show, Homespun Holidays, is in November.  I'm going to start preparing for it right after Easter.  LOL.  That way, maybe -- just maybe, I'll avoid my usual time crunch.

Here are a few pictures of my booth, featuring a mix of my artwork and antiques/collectibles.

Toys & Tins
I make papier mache bobble-head figures using old tins for the base.

Here's a close-up of some of my artwork.  The little duck on the Dunker's Club coffee tin didn't sell.  I think I need to add a coffee cup.  What do you think?

More artwork and some great tins. 

My mom gave me the little dollies to sell.  My great-grandfather made the furniture that went with them.  It was a little sad to see them go, but they've been packed away for years and now have a new home where hopefully they'll be displayed and loved. 

 Victorian boots, linens & quilts, and a blanket chest -- all sold.

 Vintage garden items were very popular.  It's that time of year.

 Primatives are big sellers at this show.

We found a buch of great feed sacks and turned them into memo/inspiration boards.
I love the way they turned out.

And last but not least, here is a cute graphic that I scanned from The Farmers Manual, published in 1911.  I used it to create some marketing materials for my booth.  Feel free to take it and use it.


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  1. Susan, I love all your you or would you sell here. I am looking for vintage baby shoes for our church bazaar in the fall. Just thought if you found some I might be able to buy them from you...just a thought. Love your blog, glad you posted again.
    Hugs, Mary