Monday, April 5, 2010

A Few Goodies For You

I recently attended an auction where I purchased a photo album full of ads from 1898 - 1908 McClure's, Munsey's and Cosmopolitan magazines, over 150 in total.  Unfortunately, whoever saved these wonderful bits of the past placed them (for safekeeping, I'm sure) in one of those awful 1970's sticky-backed photo albums and the adhesive bled right into the old, fragile paper.  Well, no one seemed to want a book of damaged ephemera, except of course ME!  So I won them for a song.

Once I got the home, I tried a few tricks to clean them up a bit.  Nothing worked, but the more I looked at them the less the diagonal adhesive stripes bothered me.  I'll keep them and love them and use them in my art just as they are.  The adhesive blemishes are, after all, as much a part of their 110 year history as the decision to save them in the first place.

Here's a little sample, with lovely springtime themes, for you to use and share.

Pansies are one of my favorite flowers, I've loved their sweet faces since I was a young girl.

I'm also including this one with some of the text removed so you can place your own message inside.  I love the bicycle girl and the swallows.

Here's another with the same simple alteration. 

Good day dear friends, I hope you all had a lovely Easter.


  1. Hi Susan, great images! You booth looked wonderful too! I haven't set up for a show in such a long time. But, now I'll have my shoppe to set up, can't wait! Kim

  2. Hi Susan, What a great find at the auction! Thank you for sharing those great images!

  3. You are a Sweetheart to share these. So what have you been doing? I love buying and selling, but it has been along time since I did any...I keep thinking I will start again.
    I decided not to buy the shoes, I have to pay so little for them. But they are wonderful.
    Hugs, Mary