Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard Essentials and Cards

We're under a blizzard warning here, as are many others in several states from Oklahoma to the Atlantic.  The snow is already falling and the wind is starting to howl.  Living in the country we can lose our power at the drop of a hat, so today was spent in preparedness mode. 
  • Plenty of wood by the fireplace - check!
  • Water bottles and pitchers filled - check! 
  • New batteries in the lanterns and matches set next to candles for easy access - check!
  • Stove top percalator for coffee - double check!
  • Very important -- We have a well and septic system that don't work when we lose power, sooo...bath tub filled with water to flush the toilet - check! 
I guess we're ready.  Oh wait...I almost forgot the most important part:

This hopped into my shopping cart along with the milk and bread.
Why do we always buy milk and bread when they forecast bad weather,
especially when what we REALLY need is inspiration?

I finally got my heart for the Heart from the Heart swap into the mail.  My heart has been done for several days, but I just couldn't seem to get it in the mail.  First, I missed the lobby hours at the P.O. on Saturday.  Then, I drove right by without stopping yesterday while I was out.  So today, I finally made it -- just in time for a blizzard to delay delivery.  What can you do but laugh and hope it makes it on time?

Here are some cards I whipped up to include:  (I scanned these so the images are terrible.  Sorry!  Next time I'll think to take photos instead.)

I got this image from The Graphic Fairy.  Originally it had a
different caption.  I erased it with Photoshop, then added my own
caption to send it to the recipient of my heart.

I'm not sure where I got this millinery trade card.
I probably found it at The Graphic Fairy.
I just love her blog!

Anyway, this card is for Deb, who is hosting the swap.
I tucked a little surprise into the box just for her. 

I'll be posting on the The Daily Bird tomorrow.
If you don't see a post, you'll know we're sitting in the dark and cold.
So keep your fingers crossed!



  1. AMEN SUSAN....we too, have to fill the tub so we can flush the toliets...but wouldn't move back to the city for any of this....It's what memories are made of.
    Big Hugs to you and STAY WARM!!!!
    Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters who chose to live in Blizzard Palooza Iowa)

  2. Hi Susan, Hopefully the blizzard won't be too bad and you stay warm and don't lose power.
    Your cards are very sweet and I love your finished heart. It's so beautifully embroidered and the butterfly is a lovely addition.
    Hugs to you,

  3. Hi Susan, I hope you won't have to break out those Lanterns.. But it sounds like you are all prepared.. Your cards turned out gorgeous..

    Hugs, Linda