Friday, March 5, 2010

Fading Glory

For Christmas, I planted a vintage enameled wash pan with paper whites and amaryllis, covered the soil with sheet moss and tucked in a couple bright red cardinals to sit amidst the flora.  Sitting in front of the picture window in my foyer, the effect was sweet.  And because things didn't bloom all at once, I enjoyed it long after the holidays had passed.  As the last blossoms faded, I knew I should replace the winter bulbs with something new to herald in the spring.  But busy days have left it neglected and waiting, much like the snow covered gardens just outside the window.

Tonight while I was fixing dinner (a rare occurrence, I'm sorry to say) I happen to glance over and catch this beautiful silhouette cast upon the wall.  For once my camera was nearby and so I was able to capture the image to share with you, dear friends.  The vine across the top of the image is cedar rope, also put up for Christmas, strung along the porch eves.  If the weather had been better over the last few months it probably would have been gone.  Now I'm happy its still there.

Also, here are a few pictures, though not nearly as artistic, of my booth.  I still have more work to do -- but its a start anyway.

P.S.  I'm still struggling with my photo program and unable to load scanned images, but I'm still working on it and hope you'll bear with me.  Sweet dreams my friends, Susan

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